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This post is stuck up top here for new users to my journal.  Here's my LJ policy:

  1. I don't automatically add people back.  If you friend me and expect an immediate add-back, you're in for a disappointment.  I don't mind if you have me friended, though!  You can even comment!  No skin off my terminal.  And if you leave, no sweat.  I understand.

  2. If you've added or dropped me, and you feel I should reco'nise, you should probably comment instead.  I'm not one for fanfair.

  3. I post a lot.  A Lot™.  I've tried to stop, trust me, but it never works.  All you have to do, if you're still interested, is create a friends group called "Default View" (spelled/cased like that, sans quotation marks), and put all except me in it.  This means that when you go to livejournal.com/~[yourusername]/friends, it'll only show the users in your Default View.  A couple of my in-person friends use this, so I'm hardly gonna get offended.

  4. I have seven active filters: Boston (for local-to-me people), Default View, Sexfilter, NoDadFilter, GeekFilter, KnitFilter, and TrustFilter.  People I friend are automatically added to all sans the first and last, both for obvious reasons.  I suggest that, if you're on my flist, you go here and fill out the filters poll.  Comment if you do, or if you retake it, so that I know.  Same for here.

  5. If you have too many quizzes; if you refuse to consider the possibility that language is used to communicate, not to mangle other people's eyes with; if you only write about your day-to-day existance; if you're too damned negative; if all you are is a bunch of links about randominity that I don't find interesting... chances that I'll add you go down.  I seek a certain level of quality in my friends list, and I make few exceptions.

  6. I moderate [livejournal.com profile] grammargasm and [livejournal.com profile] ljgenie.  Go to those places, too!  (Why not?)

  7. Finally, I don't have truck with drama.  Little bits in your journal, fine.  Large bits in your journal, delete.  Large bits in comments in my journal, ban.  You get the idea.  I'm firmly convinced that if two people approach each other with compassion, intelligence, dignity, and humility, drama cannot happen.  So that.

(Sub-note: if you've tried to comment and you've been banned, chances are I happened across you ages ago, and strongly didn't like you.  Best to move on.)

Think of this as learning to take off your shoes at the doors of friends' houses.  Not important, but good courtesy, nonetheless.
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